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I began my career in the health insurance industry

 while helping my Dad

 “Stay at Home”

 during the last years of his life,

 at his request.   

  It was during that time, I realized the need for

 his generation,

 Tom Brokaw’s, 

“ The Greatest Generation”,

 to have an 


amongst the confusion

 of ongoing and annual

 healthcare decisions,

 for the best outcome.

    My Dad has since passed,

 however, I feel


to have spent his final years

 by his side, and,

 it  has left me with the

 heartfelt knowledge


the  value

 I was able to bring

 to his quality of life,

 in terms of,

 his health and well being

 during that time.

 Throughout the  collaboration & coordination

 of his healthcare decisions

 at home and in the community

 along with, 

  attendance at his numerous

  doctor’s appointments,



 PT, OT & SLP sessions


those 7 years...

 I have gathered an insight

 into the healthcare system


 how to make it work, 


 for you too...

As your agent,

  I pledge to work as hard for you

and with integrity,

 as I did, 

for my Dad...

Eileen M. O'Neill

Licensed Agent, CT, FLA

Eileen is a licensed Health/Life Agent helping individual's at all ages and stages with their insurance needs in a caring & consultative manner.


Please contact me to join our team:

203-500-0287 CT

 941-281-6269 FLA

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